An Overview of Pretty Derby’s Core Mechanics and Skill System

An Overview of Pretty Derby's Core Mechanics and Skill System

A mobile game with a distinctive approach to gameplay, Pretty Derby has gained immense recognition. It includes caring for and exercising horse girls, as well as participating in races and unique occasions to boost their capabilities and attributes.

The Central Element of the Game

The essence of the game is the main focus of the gameplay. It is the main element that players are interacting with and engaging in.

Pretty Derby’s main play revolves around nurturing and honing the abilities of horse girls. Players can do this by utilizing various actions including training, chance events, contests, and skills.

Collection of Cards

The group of cards held by an individual or organization is referred to as a card pool. This pool is comprised of all the cards the individual or organization owns.

The card pool for the game is divided into two sections: P-cards, or Pretty cards (which are horse girl cards), and S-cards (support cards). P-cards come in one to three star varieties and can be drawn from the card pool. It is not recommended to draw horse girl cards if the player is looking for initial companions, however. S-cards, on the other hand, are split into R, SR, and SSR and possess special skills to aid in the training of horse girl cards.

Financial Electronic Services (FES) Cards

The use of Financial Electronic Services (FES) Cards is gaining traction. These cards use electronic technology to allow users to securely store and access financial information. FES Cards provide users with a safe and convenient way to store and manage their funds. They are becoming increasingly popular as a way to make payments and access money quickly and securely.

Pretty Derby’s FES cards are key components in the game. In order to take part in races, horse girls have to power up their P-cards into FES cards. This can be done by raising their P-cards to raise stats and abilities. Through this process, P-cards can be upgraded and awakened to become an unhatched “fetus”.

One approach that can be taken is to increase strategies.

To be successful in Pretty Derby, competitors must devote effort to boosting the qualities and capabilities of their horse girls. This requires expending 30TP (stamina) and concentrating on coaching, activities, and attributes. The five attributes of horse girls are velocity, staying power, might, hardiness, and intellect.

For raising horse girls, players must choose six P-cards and six S-cards. On the lower right side of the raising interface is a friend card, and players can either pick one of their friends’ cards or a randomly assigned card as a supplementary card. Incorporating the P-cards and S-cards serves to give players their initial character cards, and S-cards can boost the chances of successful raising.

When going through the progression of the raising process, one should pay attention to the fatigue value and make alterations to the training and rest cycles accordingly. This can be divided into nine stages: debut, beginner, bronze, silver, gold, platinum, star, topstar, and finally, legend (the true end). To begin, the upper limit is set to 100.

Contending with others is something that is often encountered.

In Pretty Derby, competitions are an integral part of the game as they sharpen horse girl traits and can lead to a successful live performance. This game includes three competition levels: junior, classic, and senior.

A system of competency can be implemented in order to hone one’s skills.

Pretty Derby’s ability system is an important part of the game. Horse girls have five abilities that are divided into categories: speed, endurance, strength, tenacity, and intelligence. Additionally, damage skills include speed, mentality, intelligence, endurance, and vision. There are also endurance recovery, speed, acceleration, track switching, and sight skills.

It is recommended that one select skills that are useful to them.

If the appropriate conditions are present, green skills will activate by themselves automatically. It is suggested that the best options are left turn, right turn, and strong on good turf. However, seasonal skills have a low likelihood of being triggered, thus it is not recommended to pick those.

The most superior blue skill for endurance restoration is the bay’s curve recovery skill; nevertheless, the uphill and downhill abilities are also highly recommended.

In Pretty Derby, red skills are a type of disruptive skill that can be used to disadvantage other players. They are cost-efficient and should be chosen. Additionally, fatigue skills for escape horses and lead horses are beneficial, and it is advised to select all gold skills. These will not affect teammates in competitions.

The five characteristics that make horse girls unique are speed, endurance, strength, tenacity, and intelligence. Speed is the primary quality and vital for shorter races. Endurance has an effect on the horse girl’s stamina, which is essential for a successful end to long races. Strength influences a horse girl’s capability to break away from the pack and accelerate. Tenacity impacts the horse girl’s sprinting time, particularly when energy levels are low, and is important for long-distance races. Intelligence affects the horse girl’s skill activation rate and reduces the likelihood of interference from other horse girls.

A review of the S-cards Aid System is presented here.

S-cards are cards that can give a boost to horse girl practice and can be identified as R, SR, or SSR levels. There are six different kinds of S-cards: speed help, perseverance assistance, power back-up, resiliency help, intelligence reinforcement, and camaraderie support.

When training your S-card, you can receive the speed training bonus if you engage in friendship training. Additionally, a shared outdoor activity can be triggered by friend support, offering more outdoor options during raising.

It is possible to upgrade S-cards by utilizing both gold coins and support points which can be obtained from mission completions and raising. These higher levels bring bonuses to the card’s attributes that can be seen.

Players can attain the highest level of S-cards by unlocking them, and they can provide their horse girls with nourishment to increase the maximum level. Here is a compilation of maximum levels for each rarity:

The upper limit of SSR level can be reached at 30/35/40/45/50, and is unlocked when you reach level 30.

The maximum achievable level in SR is 25/30/35/40/45 and can be attained when the player reaches level 25.

The maximum level allowed for R is 40 and no special abilities are associated with it. This is true for levels 20, 25, 30, and 35 as well.

In Summary

Pretty Derby offers a variety of features centered on raising and teaching horse girls, and players must be patient and devoted to get the best horse girl. When a single horse girl is the focus of attention, it can be restrictive and diminish the enjoyment of the game. To solve this, gamers can obtain the Redfinger Android emulator and run several accounts at the same time. This gives them the chance to concentrate on different horse girls on various accounts and maximize their gaming experience.

Pretty Derby, an online game, can be explored on the Cloud Emulator website. It provides a unique gaming experience which is entertaining and enjoyable.

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