TAFE Course in South Australia

TAFE Course

TAFE Course in South Australia offers a diverse range of study options for students of all levels and learning abilities. From short courses and online learning to associate degrees and bachelors degrees, there is something for everyone at TAFE SA.

TAFE SA is one of the largest vocational education and training (VET) providers in South Australia. It delivers a variety of study options and programs to meet the needs of students, employers and the community.

Flexible Study Options

TAFE Course in South Australia offers students a wide range of flexible study options that allow them to fit their studies around their lifestyles. This includes TAFE SA online courses for those who are unable to attend classes or those who want to work from home.

Depending on the course, you may have the option to study part time (50-75 per cent of full-time study). Part time study is often a better fit for students with a full-time job or family commitments, as it allows them to take the course over a shorter period of time.

TAFE SA regularly works with industry groups to develop relevant courses that align with contemporary career opportunities. This ensures that TAFE SA graduates are employed or continue studying.

Adaptable Study Locations

TAFE Course in South Australia has a range of study locations to suit students of all abilities. It offers flexible start dates, affordable fees and highly qualified teachers who support you throughout your studies.

The institution is committed to delivering a skilled and sustainable workforce for the state of South Australia, working with industry groups to provide relevant training that meets the needs of contemporary industry. Its graduates go on to find jobs or continue studying, and 85% of TAFE SA graduates are satisfied with the quality of their training.

Several Adelaide TAFE campuses offer an array of award, short and international courses across diverse study areas including Accounting & Finance, Aged Care, Construction, Digital Media & Web Design, Education, Engineering, Hospitality, Health & Wellbeing, Journalism, Management & Administration, Nursing, and Travel & Tourism. The Adelaide College of the Arts campus, in particular, specialises in the creative fields of film, music, visual effects, game art and graphic design.

Study Tours

If you’re an international student, TAFE Course in South Australia can help arrange a study tour that’s tailored to your needs. These short visits allow students to experience a variety of aspects of life in Australia, and may include visits to local government schools, Australian cultural activities and sporting venues.

Depending on the course, study tours can also include a visit to one of TAFE SA’s campuses or an industry workplace. Alternatively, students can choose to stay in a homestay with an Australian host family during their tour.

TAFE SA is a world-leading vocational education and training provider with a strong presence in Adelaide, Barossa & Riverland, Eyre & West Coast, Southern regions, Yorke & Northern regions and more. Its range of study programs is unrivalled in the country, with many combinations to suit all preferences and budgets.

Student Support

You can access study support services from TAFE SA at any time, either online, by phone or face to face. Our studious team can help you with English, maths, science, accounting, assignment writing and more.

TAFE SA also offers international students a range of support services to help you get started on your studies in South Australia. This includes a comprehensive orientation, airport pickups, accommodation and more.

Courses often incorporate industry work placements that give students a hands-on experience of their chosen field. These are a great way to test your aptitude and make important industry contacts.

TAFE SA offers over 100 Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses. Whether you want to build your career or change direction, TAFE SA will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need.